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Homer, Alaska

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  Kelly's Frontier an Alaska Children's eBook


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33 pages, Illustrated with eleven beautiful Alaskan photos taken by the Author. These Photos of Homer, Alaska and the animals the puppy Kelly sees appear at the beginning of each chapter.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Coming Home 1
Chapter 2 - A New Toy 4
Chapter 3 - Morris the Magpie 8
Chapter 4 - A Toy Goes Missing 11
Chapter 5 - Winter Fun 14
Chapter 6 - Fannie, Holly and Homer 17
Chapter 7 - Spring Friends 21
Chapter 8 - Chasing Butterflies 25
Chapter 9 - The Beach 29
Chapter 10 - A Year Has Passed 32



Chapter 1 - Coming Home
Chapter 1 Picture
The big day had finally arrived; I was adopted from the Homer Animal Shelter. A woman walked in with the intention of finding the perfect puppy to fit her lifestyle. She had salt and pepper hair like my friend Sparky, a blue Queensland Heeler. When she saw me, she kneeled down to lure me away from the other puppies. I was not afraid of her because she was friendly and soft- spoken.

“Kelly,” she said, “I want to take you away from here. I have lots of time to spend with you, we have plenty of room at the house, and you will have a big back yard to play in. Would you like that?”

I could not believe what I was hearing. Her words were my dream come true. I worried that I’d never be adopted, after all, a beagle mixed with a terrier is not the ideal pet for most families. I wagged my tail as fast as I could. Soon, my mom took me for a car ride all the way to my new home.

On arriving at the house, I ran up to the big front door where my new dad stood, waiting patiently for me. I jumped up to meet him, wagging my tail. Dad looked at me, smiled, and playfully rubbed my head. His voice was warm with enthusiasm.

“Welcome home Kelly,” he said. “Let‘s go inside the house.”

He led me up the stairs to the main living area. I noticed the rooms were neat and tidy. Because of the large picture windows above the front entrance, the environment was light and bright. There was plenty of room to romp around, however, my first order of business was to inspect the carpet, furniture, and floorboards. I explored the living room, the long hallway, and even the bathroom and two bedrooms. A fearless cat surprised me in the kitchen. His clouded gold eyes revealed he was mature. His long black tail whipped back and forth while he allowed me to sniff him. I decided right away that I liked him. Not only did he let me smell him, but he is black and white just like me.

Mom said, “Kelly, this is your brother Turbo. He is not as frisky and playful as you are, but I’m sure the two of you will get along famously.”

“Hi Turbo, would you like to play chase?” I asked.

Turbo said, “No way. Your puppy games are too rough for my liking. Besides, being chased around the room is not my idea of fun.”

Turbo hurt my feelings, but only for a moment. I had more rooms to explore, including the rooms downstairs. After inspecting the entire house, Dad introduced me to the back yard.

The large plush lawn was perfect for running sprints and playing games of chase. Tall pine trees and birch trees bordered the property. And down lower to the ground; wild flowers, alder bushes, berry bushes, ferns and herb vegetation. The back yard was like a meadow within a dense forest.

I live in Homer, Alaska. Homer is at the southwest tip of the Kenai Peninsula on Kachemak Bay. In addition to majestic views of the bay, Homer has hardy forests and rugged mountains. Every year in early May, thousands of shorebirds pass through the bay. Year round, however, are hardy Alaskan birds like ravens, crows, Steller’s jays, magpies, chickadees and bald eagles. My back yard was more than I could ask for.

All I could think was, “I’m a lucky dog!”

Chapter 2 - A New Toy
Chapter 2 Image
In the weeks that followed, I began to display improper behavior; chasing Turbo around the kitchen table, nipping at Dad’s feet as he walked up and down the stairs, and removing toilet paper from the rolls.

About the Author:
Patricia Bue lives in Homer, Alaska, with her husband Jon, her dog Kelly, and her cat, Turbo


eBook version Copyright 2009 by Patricia Bue

ISBN 978-0-9823118-2-0

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